Day 2- Project 365

Had the chance to walk across the beautiful OSU campus in Stillwater, OK today. The grounds are beautiful and I realize this picture doesn’t even begin to showcase the beauty.  

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Project 365-Photography

Today begins a serious effort to post a picture everyday for the next 365 days.  It’s an effort to document the everyday, not to show only the special.  It’s a chance to improve my photography skills while sharing my take on the world.  Wish me luck!

Day 1 – Let’s go!  My cat,  fearless Miss Emmy, loves to stalk the deer that we feed and live at the end of our little 2 acre plot.  This is a 2yr old little buck who decided to take her on!  You go girl!

2017-05-21 20.08.31

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It’s a red day

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I do so love my house at bedtime when the Christmas trees are lit!  Love this time of year!

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I voted….

I am looking forward to a season of NO election ads. Let’s get back to civility! 

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What a weekend!

Couldn’t ask for a more beautiful day in Stillwater, OK to celebrate Bid Day on OSU’s campus!  2016-08-13 11.54.51.jpg2016-08-14 23.14.21.png

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Two of my favorite people on the planet!

2015-04-05 20.40.51Spencer turned 20 on Easter Sunday! It was a fun day with the fam and special because we just don’t get together often enough.  And I know our days are numbered for chances like these.  Savannah graduates in a month and there’s no telling what adventure awaits her but I’m sure it will take her far from our small college town.   I adore these two kids but they don’t seem to know it though I tell them every chance I get!  A mother’s love never fades.

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Bday for these two

Zoe and Champ

Zoe and Champ – 1 year old this month!

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Starting a 365 project!

Today I will start a 365 project on my world around me. It’s my attempt to expand my creativity and use it on a daily basis to expand my world. I will post a picture a day of the world around me and record my thoughts and feelings about it. I hope you enjoy! I know I will!


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Hello world!

Welcome to my world! Not sure where this journey
online will take me but I’ll try to lead you through interesting
aspects of my world with a family that includes my husband, 2
teenagers, 4 dogs and a cat living in a small college town on the
prairie of Oklahoma. I’ll include as many pictures as I
can! Enjoy the ride!

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