Day Seven – A good day at the ballpark.

Today I accompanied my husband to watch his beloved OSU Cowboys play for the Big 12 Baseball Championship.  This team barely made the cut to be in the tournament and were seated 8th of 8 teams.  This year two players on this team played with my son when he was little and he’s still close friends with them.  So it was a joy to watch them playing and each time I saw one of them I couldn’t help but think about them at age 10 or 12 when the boys all played together.  I have deep appreciation and love for their families as we spent so much time together and though we don’t see each other much these days it doesn’t take long to feel pride, stress and elation for them as we watched an outstanding game!  It came down to the last pitch and the Cowboys came out victorious!  With a bum knee and feeling unsure of my steps in a crowd,  my best shot was from my seat.   Yesterday was a great day to be a Cowboy!! Go Pokes!IMG_7624.JPG

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Lovin' this busy life and sharing with the world! I'm an amateur photographer looking for ways to show my creative side! Enjoy!
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