Day Eight – Monday in the Park

I am thankful to all who made it possible for our country to celebrate Memorial Day each year.  This year we stayed close to home to catch up on some work but I couldn’t pass up the chance to spend a few minutes walking around my favorite park, otherwise known as Oklahoma State University!  This particular picture was taken around 7:30pm in the evening.  It looks like the ducks were already settling in for a nap in the foreground, the soft splatter of one of several fountains in the water nearby.  In the distance is the big pond, Theta Pond and further away, setting the backdrop is the beautiful Zeta Tau Alpha home with its turquoise door.   It was a lovely afternoon!IMG_7696.JPG

About skparsons

Lovin' this busy life and sharing with the world! I'm an amateur photographer looking for ways to show my creative side! Enjoy!
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